Traffikrr Review And Bonus

Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr Review
  • The guy behind: Glynn & Leigh K, Ariel Bauer
  • Launch Day: 2017-Aug-01
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Early Bird Discount: Yes
Traffikrr is a WordPress plugin which automatically search for videos on Youtube and post on your website. Then, it shares your post on Facebook page for traffic.
Make sure that you already have a WordPress site to use this plugin.
Traffikrr helps you grow your website. Content is very important for getting traffic. If you can’t write a post, you can embed other people s’ Youtube videos in your post. That is 100% legal.
Then this plugin shares your post on your Facebook page. Now, you can grow your website and your FB fanpage all at once. People on Facebook will like and share your post. And when it goes viral, your site will get a lot of traffic.
The strategy to make money with this plugin will be like this:

  • Choose a niche to build your website and Facebook page
  • Use this plugin to search videos on Youtube to post on your website and share the post on Facebook page
  • People on Facebook will like and share your post and your website will get traffic
  • Make money with the traffic by placing ads (for ex: Google Adsense) or offers (for ex: CPA, affiliate) on your website. Or you can place opt-in form on your web to build email list…
This plugin is useful for people who make money online, internet marketers, ecommerce store owners…anyone who need traffic for their business.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Business And Website Traffic

It sounds good but the vendor of Traffikrr don’t tell you that you need a Facebook page which already have an amount of followers. It’s impossible for posting something on a Facebook page with no followers to get viral traffic. So you need to build a Facebook page with likes and followers first. Then, this plugin will help you grow your FB page and website.
When you grab this plugin here through my link below, you’ll get my bonuses which show you how to build your FB fanpage and other cool things.

Traffikrr Bonus

When you download this plugin here, you’ll get bonuses from me:visit for more info. I can’t list them here because it makes my review too long.
How to claim your bonus
It is very simple to claim your bonus as followed:

  1. Click on this link and complete your order
  2. Contact me via this link to claim your bonus
  3. Wait for less than 24 hours to get your bonus


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