Tabfu Pro Review

Tabfu Pro Review

Tabfu Pro Review
  • The guy behind: Salman Mahmood
  • Launch Day: 2017-Sept-14
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Early Bird Discount: Yes
In this Tabfu Pro review, I’m going to answer questions about this collection such as: what it is, should you get it or not… Let’s get started!
Tabfu Pro is a web based software which you can use for your Facebook marketing effort. I want to go into detail what you can do with this software.
When you log into the software, you need to add your Facebook account to continue using the software. Once you have connected to your Facebook account with the software, you will see the Facebook page where you are the admin.
The software has four features: Tab, Motion, Ads and Analytics.
Watch demo here

Tab features help you create Facebook Tabs for your Facebook page. There are a lot of templates made available, you just edit the text you already have a Facebook tab. Eg:
Lead Capture Pages
Sales Pages
Click Through Pages
Launch Pages
About Us Pages
Software Pages
Webinar Pages
Contact Pages
App Feature Pages
You can connect to your autoresponder to collect email.
You can set the auto-scroll feature or not for your tab.
Once created, you can publish or schedule the tab.
So you can create a landing page inside your Facebook page without regard to code. And your audience can watch on any device such as desktop, mobile or tablet.
The Motion Post feature lets you create a Facebook post to introduce the tab you created in the previous step. If your Facebook page has a certain number of followers then you can drive free traffic to your Facebook tab. You can add your image, gif or video to the post. The software also has an image gallery that you can use right away. After creating a post you can publish now or schedule.
The Ads feature helps you create Facebook Ads. You can use this function to advertise the landing page you created above or other ads. There are commercials available where you can edit text and add images.
The analytics function lets you statistics on click, view, like, share on each of your Facebook pages.
So this software helps you create landing page in your Facebook page. It also helps you drive free traffic or paid traffic from ads to landing page. You can grab lifetime access now in this special launch. So you don’t have to pay monthly fee.
Thanks for reading my Tabfu Pro review. If you have any question about this software, please leave a comment below this post. If you want to get Tabfu Pro, please click the link below. You will get my bonuses if you register Tabfu Pro Plus Package.

Tabfu Pro Bonus

When you get Tabfu Pro Plus Package here, you’ll get bonuses from me. I can’t list my bonuses here because it makes my review too long. So please visit for more info

How to claim your bonus
It is very simple to claim your bonus as followed:
  1. Click on this link and complete your order
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  3. Wait for less than 24 hours to get your bonus


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