Recastly Review And Bonus

Recastly Review

Adding subtitles to videos is very important. If the video has only audios, viewers may miss important information. So you need to add subtitles to videos so viewers can listen and read. If your audience is deaf, they need subtitles to understand the content of the video. If you regularly surf the Facebook newsfeed, you know that Facebook automatically turns off video audio to avoid annoying users. So you need to add subtitles to your videos so viewers can understand the video content without having to turn on audio. They are usually lazy to do so, and you can miss many potential customers if you are advertising on Facebook. And there are many more reasons to add subtitles to your video.
You can use the Recastly software to add substitles to your videos. I would like to review this software to help you understand more about it.
Recastly is a web based software so you do not need to download it to use. You only need to register and login to use the software. Since this is web based software, you have to upload videos. It’s more inconvenient than desktop softwares. With desktop software you can directly use the videos in your computer. When you use web based software, it is okay if the videos are small but if the videos are large then it will take time to upload videos.
Recastly creator also gives you the option of using uploaded videos on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook. You just add Youtube, Video or Facebook video link to the software.
The next step is to add subtitles to the video. You have more choices to add subtitles. You can choose the option to generate subtitles if your video already has a voice. The software will rely on the voice of the video to create subtitles. When you select this option, you need to re-check the generated subtitle to see if the wrong word is not corrected.
If you have an SRT file available, you can choose the option to upload the SRT file.
You can choose the target language for your subtitles. This means that the subtitles will be translated into other languages ​​if you want to use the video to target other language speakers.
If you are shy about speaking in video, this software has a voiceover that lets you convert the subtitles into voice. There are many language options for you. You can convert voice from one language to another.
Castly creator gives you more options on how to display subtitles in the video. You can choose to display word by word or line by line video (2 lines). You can add fixed text to the top or bottom of the video. You can add watermark to video (text or upload file).
That’s what you can do with the Recastly software. Hope my Recastly review helps you know more about the software. If you have any question, please leave a comment below this post. If you want to register an account, click the link below. You also get my bonuses when you register your account here.

Recastly Bonus

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