MaticPress Review

MaticPress Review

What Is MaticPress?

MaticPress is a brand new WordPress theme released by Tantan Hilyatana and his team, that allows you to build content rich websites without creating any single of content.
This theme adopts the user-generated content technology just like what top authority sites did.

I am pretty sure you have already known the following websites:

They are top authority sites that generated millions of visitor every month and dominate the Internet…

And the content on their website are submitted by other people… So basically they build the high-quality and rich content website WITHOUT creating any single of content!

With MaticPress, now you can run your sites on autopilot… and NO more struggling with the content creation. So you can focus on growing your sites

Paying professional content writer is expensive. Not counted how much time and effort you will spend on searching, filtering, testing and checking their works.

Creating the content on your own is taking too much time and effort. Sometime or even often you’re too busy, so you just leave your site outdated and no regular posts anymore.

Low-quality content

No regularly updated content

At the end… the site ranks down and only get tiny traffic. People leave the site as they see no regular content.

Now anyone can build high-quality and rich-content website without creating any single of content

By harnessing the power of crowd content AND content curation - So let people produce the content for your sites

NEVER again struggling and stressful with the content creation for your sites

NO more wasting time and effort on content creation

Monetize the sites easily with in-built ad management system

MORE time to focus on growing your sites, spending your time with family and friends, and enjoying the life you've ever dreamed

Theme Demos


MaticPress Features

Fully Customizable Color Skin

Professional and Unique Design

Multiple Site Layout Variations

Fully SEO Optimized

Social Profile Registration/Login

Ad Sharing Feature

Lazy Load Image for Faster Site Loading

Autoresponder opt-in form widget

Auto subscribe when user register

Sticky sidebar

Translation Ready

Fully Responsive as Well as Optimized for Better

Mobile Experience

Ready to Monetize

Fast Loading

Custom display message: public or only for members
custom frontend submit post interface

In-Build Report Post System

Featured area layout variations

Content area layout variations

Footer layout variations

Post Rating System

Post view count system

Comment vote system

Curate content from all the websites over the world

And MANY More...

Over 60 amazing features packed into one WP theme!

Even better, it also has the ability to curate content from all the websites over the world.

You see how powerful it is… social content PLUS content curation, both in one place!

If you outsource to the programmers to create the system similar to MaticPress, you’re going to spend thousands of Dollars.

But today, for the price of a t-shirt, you can have this amazing technology that allows you to harness the power of crown content!


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