Local Lead Beast 2.0 Review And Bonus

Local Lead Beast 2.0 Review

  • The guy behind: Ray Lane
  • Launch Day: 2017-Aug-04
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Early Bird Discount: Yes
Local Lead Beast 2.0 is a software which allows you to find leads through simple keyword searches. It pulls contact information of these leads and tells you which aspect of their business could be improved. Then it allows you to build automatic email sequences to convert leads into buyers.
So who need this software?
If you’re working with local businesses, this software will save you a lot of time. Instead of finding leads by searching through the internet, by using this software you just type in keywords and you’ll have their emails to contact. You don’t need cold calling to close the deals because local bussinesses are busy. The software will put their contacts to an automated funnel to send them follow-up email until the leads convert to buyers. As you can see, you’ll save a lot of time and it’s easy to do.
Or you’re making money online. You can use this software to find leads and turn them to buyers. Don’t be afraid that you don’t have any service to offer to them. You can hire a freelancer to do the work for you. There’re many sites out there for you to find a freelancer who can do the work for you with low price. You offer your leads service with higher price and keep the profit.
When you grab Local Lead Beast 2.0 through my link below, you’ll get my bonuses.

Local Lead Beast 2.0 Bonus

When you download the software here, you’ll get bonuses from me:visit http://jvzooreview.net/bonus for more info
How to claim your bonus
It is very simple to claim your bonus as followed:

  1. Click on this link and complete your order
  2. Contact me via this link to claim your bonus
  3. Wait for less than 24 hours to get your bonus


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